Download Lost Twins – A Surreal Puzzler for Android


You guys wanted more areas to get lost in so we introduce to you to a brand new room, the Bedroom. This new update to the critically acclaimed Lost Twins brings loads of new elements to tinker with.

Poor little Ben and Abi! They are adrift in an enchanted labyrinth of rooms- hopeless and lost. Is the mysterious red door the way back? Or will it lead them even deeper into this spellbinding world? Or will it lead them even deeper into this magical puzzle world?

"Abi and Ben's bedroom in Lost Twins is much more exciting than my one ever was as a kid." – PocketGamer
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Use your wits & reflexes to guide the young siblings by matching up rooms and directing them to the magical red door! Each exit conjures up an even more intricate puzzle full of rooms…. or is it a room full of puzzles ? It’s a mind bending puzzle game that takes the sliding puzzle mechanics and blends them with platforming gameplay.

Shuffle rooms and reunite the siblings while collecting stars along the way. But beware, for obstacles are bound to flow your way. Swap, Shift and Shuffle your way to the mysterious red door! Are you up for the challenge? Mechanics- Each level is a sliding puzzle of rooms combined with platform puzzles within each room.

Switch between your characters to solve the intelligently designed puzzles. The goal is to guide the twins to the mysterious red door. Each puzzle is made up of multiple rooms and each room is made of multiple puzzles. Slide the puzzles to match & align rooms. Run, jump, trigger doors & freeze time to get the twins to the red door.


• Unique Puzzle Platform Gameplay – Slide the Rooms to Match & Jump your way to the Red Door
• Stunning HD Visuals – Drift away in a fantasy, kid's dream world
• Intelligent Puzzles that will test your wits
• Over 44 Levels and Tons of hidden items to uncover
• Featured in Best New Games

Collect 'hidden' jigsaw pieces in each level to complete the final family photo for each zone Lots of levels, tons of fun and loads of goodies to discover.

Lost Twins is a beautifully designed indie game that is original, vividly stunning and has gameplay that will challenge your brain. Beautiful music and ambiance add to the experience and will leave you smiling.

If you're a fan of high quality, puzzle games and support indies – Lost Twins is the perfect game for you!

"Lost Twins" supports high resolution for an optimal gaming experience on both phones and tablets.