Download Vampires Slot Machine for Android


Vampires are scary but not on these slots. WIN BIG JACKPOTS! As daylight turns into night Dracula likes to come out and hunt for blood. Don’t worry, match three garlic symbols or wooden stakes and you can keep him away and WIN, WIN, WIN!! These vampires are available anytime and anywhere once you download Vampire Slots for your mobile device.

★★★★★Game Features★★★★★
► Multilingual UI allows vampire fans from all over the world to play!
► You choose the number of lines to play. The more lines you choose bigger the chance you will win.
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► Scary vampires, bloody fangs, gorgeous HD Graphics and perfect HD Sound.
► Ready to Double Down? Of course you are Dracula doesn’t scare you!!
► Face the vampires for over four hours and get free coins!
► IOS or Android? Vampire slots can take on both!

Have you tried DragonPlay or Slots vs. Zombies? Maybe you like Vegas Slots. Well, then, you will love Vampire Slots. Play free after you download Vampire in the App Store or from Google Play.

Do you like horror films? Maybe you have read stories about Dracula or have watched the latest Vampire program on television? Then you know that garlic and crosses keep vampires away. A stake through the heart will stop a vampire dead. The legend says that Dracula comes out at night. Well, have no fear; you can WIN BIG all day and all night with Vampire Slots. Sunshine or gloom, day or night, grab your favorite mobile device and start spinning and WINNING!

Deep in the woods of Transylvania there is a mysterious castle where most of the frightening activity takes place at night. Dracula’s home and legend is well known. Vampires scare us in movies or on television with their fangs, their piercing eyes, their black cloak and their charming smile before they go for your blood. Fear not! The vampires on this slot machine may look ghoulish but they don’t bite! You will earn BIG PAYOUTS and many bonuses as you spin and spin looking for that WIN!

Fangs, garlic, crosses, vampires and more will go whizzing by with each spin. Wild cards will add to the fun. Get three scatter symbols and go to the bonus round where you will be cheering Count Dracula on as the winnings keep adding up. Sticky Wilds will help you build up an even bigger bankroll. You will come away a BIG WINNER. Download Vampire Slots today at the App Store or Google Play and start putting Dracula in his place and racking up loads of coins along the way!

Fans Say:
“I’m a big fan of gothic themes and vampires. Love this one!”
“Can’t believe how often I hit the bonus. Just seems like all I do is win!”
“This is my favorite pokie. I just can’t get enough of those vampires!”
“My friends and I play all the time.”
“I play this one every day.”