Download Hot Air Solitaire for Android


Hot Air Solitaire is a free Solitaire card game based on Golf Solitaire, which you can play offline as well as online. This card game is played according to the higher or lower card game rules.

In this free higher or lower card game you become the world-famous explorer Sir Richard Dandy. You will have to clear the cards on the playing field. Combine the card next to the stack with cards that are 1 higher or 1 lower in value on the playing field. Make the chain of cards as long as possible. The longer your chain of cards the more points you will receive! Hot Air Solitaire has two jokers in the game, these combine with every other card. Use them wisely.

In this higher or lower card game you aren't on a Fairway, but you are flying in this Golf Solitaire card game! You can play this game offline and online, and all this is for free.

An extra that this free Solitaire card game offers you is that your highscore will be saved for free! This gives you the opportunity to battle with your friends. Which one of you is the best at Hot Air Solitaire?

Who will become the best Sir Richard Dandy in this free to play Golf Solitaire card game? Fly around the world and discover the Pyramid of Solitaire.

Start Hot Air Solitaire, offline and online!