Download KBC Touch for Android


KBC Touch makes online banking and insurance, anytime, anywhere, a cinch. If you have business and personal accounts, it's easy to switch between them.

KBC Touch's clearly divided sections let you always see your banking and insurance details at a glance.

What can you do in KBC Touch?

• Check your account balance and transactions, see what's left to spend on your credit and prepaid cards and top up your prepaid card in real time
• Transfer funds in real time between your own accounts or to accounts at other banks
• You can easily sign your transfer with your PIN, without having to use your bank card and card reader (unless you transfer an amount that exceeds your limit)
• Manage your beneficiary details and categorise your beneficiaries as personal or business ones if you run your own business
• Manage bills and other documents sent to you through Zoomit
• See where your income comes from and where your expenditure goes
• Set budget limits and categorise or subcategorise them
• Set and manage savings goals
• Order foreign currency
• View your loans in detail and change the date on which and account from which you make your home loan repayments
• Simulate and apply for an instalment loan effortlessly
• Get an overview of insurance you've taken out
• Contact your branch and receive messages from KBC
• Subscribe to and unsubscribe from newsletters

And there's much more besides. Find out all you can do with KBC Touch today.