Download DH Pineapple Poker for Android


DH Pineapple Poker, known as the most popular variation of Texas Hold'em Poker, is also called OFC, Open Face Chinese Poker. DH Pineapple Poker gives you the unique experience of poker game, and it's completely FREE! Some highlighed features:
# Each player is given 50K initial chips.
# More than 500K chips task reward.
# Even more event chips reward every week!
# Play with your own friends in Private Room.
# Supports Pineapple and Fantansyland mode.
# In Pineapple mode each game starts off with every player being dealt 5 starting cards, which can be placed in any combination across the top, middle and bottom of the board. Once the initial cards are set, each player is then dealt 3 cards – setting 2 and discarding 1 to fill the remaining 8 positions. By the end of each game, players will have formed the 3-5-5 card format.
# In the Fantasyland, the player receives all 14 cards at once in the beginning. The Player has to select 13 cards and discard 1 card to set a hand. When all players finish, they show their hands and compare with other players. If you have a Three of A Kind in top or at least a Four of A Kind in bottom, you will enter Fantasyland again.

Play poker, have fun and make friends in DH Pineapple Poker!