Download Tailor clothes girls games for Android


Tailor is my best friend and wants to go into town to do some shopping. Upon arriving in town and bought some things, realized that you have to buy a beautiful blouse. He went to the nearest tailor to make a blouse and pleasing to him, but he noticed that the store is closed. Then he rang the number on the door and was told that only someone would come the next day to shop. In this game you have to help the Tailor, so we'll choose you to help him, and to make the desired clothes.

1) First you have to choose a color to make this shirt.
2) then we have to go in cleaning room and wash this material, after which we will stretch with a heel.
3) must choose what we want to do his Tailor, then we mark the material.
4) then we cut material to remain with the desired piece.
5) then we must choose a color to make the contour.
6) still have to choose different clothes Tailor, doing the same as before.

Tailor is very happy because she made new clothes, and now can tell them what beautiful thing and his friends did. Thanks you agreed to help us in this game and invite you to choose and other games for girls in this developer because we know that you really like our games.

Good luck!