Download Ships and Vessels for Android


This app presents allows users to locate ships and vessels live on a map.
Just open the app, let it find your location and press the refresh button.
If any ships nearby with appropriate AIS transponders and a receiving station in our network is picking it up you should be able to see the ships on the map.

See the following ship/vessel details:

Update time
MMSI number
IMO number (Internation Maritime Organisation)
Ship Type (Passenger, cargo, pleasure, dive, military and many more)

Navigational status (under way, berthing, moored and many more)
Rate of Turn (when available)
Speed (kts)
True Heading
Special Maneuvres
Latitude and Longitude
Destination port (call of port) when available
ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) when available

Vessel Length (meters)
Vessel Width (meters)
Vessel Draught (meters)
To Bow (from AIS transponder)
To Stern (from AIS transponder)
To Port (from AIS transponder)
To Starboard (from AIS transponder)

We hope you enjoy the app please leave a good rating in order to keep us improving the app.