Download Horse Jump Show for Android


Do you love horse riding? Or an action packed challenging game like crossing high hurdles in a limited time? Then here is what you can expect from an excellent game developer. The game is readily available on Google play store to simulate your riding skills. Just download now and experience the amazing 3D horse riding fun of your life…

Feel like you are participating in the event of horses jumping sports of world Olympic Games Rio 2016. To win the horse jumping and hurdles crossing race, you have started very early practice in 2015. It’s a very difficult and exciting sport and you must be brave heart and expert at your job.

So, select the best healthy horse from your owning stable of animals, tap it on face and run to the stadium where the Horse racing challenge is waiting for you…

In this amazing new game, you with your beautiful running animal have to cross the high hurdles in a limited time to win the championship. Every new course presents you a new and interesting challenge. The more you play, more you will learn the art of horse riding and jumping to dodge obstacles.
Now saddle up, steer your horse and ride at fast speed. Jump up with full power over hurdles to beat all your rivals. Get #1 position and earn a lot of money and become the champion.

Game Hot Features:

 High Definition ( HD ) 3D graphics to make you feel like real horse riding.
 Most authentic simulation game specially designed for Android phones.
 Stunning visuals, unique physics.
 Various tracks with easy to difficult challenges.
 Free to download and free to play.
 Very easy controls.
 Realistic 3D running horses.
 Award of money as per performance.
 Speed up and low options.
 Top game for horse lovers.

How to play:
Hold your phone on horizontal line. On left side, there are high and slow speed options. On right side there is jump button. Press the jump button at right time to cleanly cross the hurdle.