Download Cabletracks for Android


Use this App to log prevention, work situations and incidents. The App allows to make photos and to log additional remarks and specific data. All photos and data are automatically linked to GPS, project numbers and usernames.

Use the filters to select specific information. For example, simply use the standard filters to show all executed works, made by users of department West, between March 23 and April 26. Or select a specific project to find all corresponding information.
No information can be manipulated by changing personal settings – objectivity is guaranteed.

– Stop spending time to collect photos from all teams…
– Stop copy/paste work to organize incoming photos per project…
– Stop wasting time to search a particular photo…

Do you regularly dig in the underground?
You can also use this App to ensure prevention is executed according to HSE / HSEQ rulings. Simply activate the App to log your preventive search. Make a photo of each trail home or use the Bluetooth functionality to automatically log the usage of cable locators. All preventive searches will be displayed on your secured account. An automatic benchmark will give full insight of your search frequency and search quality. You will benefit from precise information to control and to improve the efforts to reduce your number of strikes.
`It’s easy to start, you will be ready within 10 minutes.