Download Crazy Fly Bird New for Android


Crazy Bird Fly New game keeps your hand and brain busy till you are more addicted it to it. With this game, you will be amazed on how many predictions are you are getting wrong. This game is as simple but at the same very hard to play. Warning. Don't start, when you start you won't be able to stop.

The game is met for students and adults alike to help them focus more on anything they are doing, if we are to

be sincere to ourselves lot of people lot concentration while doing a certain work, learning in the class doing

our assignments, I can assure you that playing this game like 20 minutes a day will help us in restoring our

concentration ability, and that is the problem this game tend to solve.

How Does This Game Solve This Problem?

The game consist of a birth flying in a cool environment , meeting a lots of tall wall/ trees/blocks, the bird

needs to be flying up and down to avoid these walls/trees, but here is the real stuffs, the player needs to

brainstorm every seconds to know the amount of jumps it needs to avoid crashing against the


I am sure when you are used to concentrate in playing games that involve your hands, your eyes and brain:

the major parts of human resourcefulness, at the end, without you knowing it, you will realize your level of

concentration have increased