Download Easbit Mobile Bitcoin Wallet for Android


The Easbit App

We are a software developer in cryptocurrency and specialized in Bitcoin wallet mobile technology.

Bitcoin wallets nowadays still have the image of being not user friendly and that usage is only meant for IT people. We want to accomplish to get rid of this image for Bitcoin. Bitcoins are meant for everybody around the globe!

One thing which really distinguished ourselves from the competition is that we found a very user friendly way to handle the user unfriendly long Bitcoin addresses. Therefore all that counts for us is developing a wallet which meets 100% the needs for all kind of users. Which means: keep it stupid simple!

Our goal is everybody should be able to use our app. And by everybody we mean everybody who uses cash today. Granny proof so to speak.

Try it it out yourself now and experience how easyly Bitcoins can be spent and received!

Feature list:

– 100% Granny proof user interface for Android smartphone
– No central storage of your Bitcoins
– All critical data is encrypted
– Uses SSL
– Developed according CMMI level 5 standards
– No complicated Bitcoin address
– Easy backup and restore features
– Sending and receiving of Bitcoins via contacts directly out of your phonebook, QR-codes or Bitcoin URLs
– Conversion to national currency
– We use 100% renewable energy at the server park