Download Gopher Golf for Android


Gophers have taken over the Go-Fur-It miniature golf course! Help the miniature golf course owners drive away the gophers by tapping every gopher that you see. Be careful not to tap the native bunnies that have wandered into the gopher holes. Also, beware of the birds that fly by from time to time.

Every gopher that escapes counts as one miss. The object of the game is to finish all the levels on all the holes with 2 or fewer misses each. Everything else that you're not supposed to hit also counts as 1 miss. Hitting a bird counts as 2 misses, so watch out for those pesky fliers!

As you play, earn as many golf balls as you can to purchase power-ups in the game to help finish the harder levels. If you're looking for an additional challenge, finish every level without any power-ups (okay, you can use the fan)!

Gopher Golf is ad-free, family-friendly, and is made especially for kids!