Download Frontline fuel of war : RPG for Android


. The brave army commander has to face the danger of getting into the depths of the army base of the enemy and clear all the area from enemy troops guarding the army base. The arsenal is full of heavy artillery and ammunition. You have to use your army commando skills to achieve the target of killing all the soldiers and destroy their arsenal.
Neighboring country has establish two army bases near the border line. The area is far from the city. You are the main character ; the hero of the game. At the base camp they are planning to attack your homeland. You are assigned the mission to go into the base and clear the area. You have to navigate through all the red zone killing enemies coming forth. You are bejeweled with a modern gun and plenty of ammo.
The game play is easy and user friendly. There are two buttons to operate. With left button you can move the soldier and with right button, press to fire, move your finger to rotate.
– A perfect combination of TPS and RPG.

– Realistic army base environment.

– Real and intense shooting action

– Intense short range melee.

– Experience the real shooting adventure.