Download Bank Pekao for Android


Bank Pekao mobile application for retail customers is a convenient access to your account in Bank Pekao S.A., investment accounts in Pekao Brokerage House and informative services.

Informative part for everyone:
1. Stock information from companies, WSE, global exchanges and commodities quotations
2. Map with an augmented reality (AR) option that allows to locate: Bank and Brokerage House branches, ATMs and rebate points
3. Exchange rates with calculator
4. News
5. Our offer: information about Bank products and calculators for deposits' interest, express loan or mortgage loan installment

Transactional part for Bank Pekao S.A. customers:
1. Accounts: balance and history
2. Money transfers: incl. to any account, predefined, own account and Fotoprzelew by scanning the QR code
3. Deposits: opening, termination and history
4. Loans: list and history
5. Cards: list, history, repayment and money transfer from card to own account
6. Investments: list, history and direct payment
7. Services: phone top-ups, eBills, Western Union

Brokerage services to clients of Pekao Brokerage House after logging in:
1. WSE quotations with the possibility to preview quotes to five offers along with the access to an order form, view charts, information from companies as well as statistics.
2. Buy/sell orders of financial instruments listed on the Polish stock market and foreign markets
3. New issues: subscriptions made at the public offer, the special session and subscription rights
4. Current orders with the option of the modification and cancellation the active orders
5. Assets: account balance and valuation
6. History: among others orders, financial operations
7. Transfers to the owner or predefined account

ATTENTION! The ability to perform operations requires activation of the application.

Transactional part is available only after logging in with customer number and masked password.
Performing the operations requires acceptance with PIN established during activation.