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Matchmallows: Dating Chat Meet

Fun, smart and addictive free dating app. Find your personality and meet matches

Matchmallows: Dating Chat Meet is a new, fun, smart and addictive free dating app. We ask you 27 interactive questions upon signing in, divided into 3 categories: Passion, Personality and Lifestyle. The questions are presented in the form of 4 pictures and 1 question.

Whether you are straight, gay or lesbian; single or married; looking for a date, marriage, new friends or just fun: our free dating app can help you find what you are looking for:

– Meet new friends around you
– Travel and “match mallow” all over the world
– Chat with your Mallow friends
– Explore our “100% match feature” and hookup with friends anywhere that think exactly the same like you

Matchmallows: Dating Chat Meet is available in more than 25 languages:
English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, German, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Hindi, Korean, Malay, Indonesian, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Greek, Romanian, Swedish, Thai, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Turkish.. and more

" Dating tastes like campfire marshmallows: sizzling outside, sweet inside! "