Download Phil’s Fishin: Tournaments for Android


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Pick from up to 16 locations all around the globe! Fish in Lake Okeechobee or in the East China Sea!

Start with a small dingy, while using 2 rods simultaneously, and work your way up to 4 rods simultaneously while using professional #fishing vessel in the open ocean!

#The first truly authentic RPG fishing game!

Compare your #biggest trophy catch to your friends by winning daily, weekly, and even monthly #tournaments for prizes and #bragging rights!

#Upgrade your #gear to go after the #trophy catch you want!

Choose from over 20 Bait/Lures that all give individual bonuses!

Choose from up to 18 rods and 10 reels, including a fully automatic electric reel for the lazy pros!

Pick from tons of hooks, lines, fish finders, and more!

Welcome to the best, most #authentic #fishing #RPG out there! Start now!

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