Download Mermaid Joy: Fishing Diary for Android


In faraway deep sea, there are many kind of fishes living under water in secret place with a princess mermaid. As a hunter you will play with these fishes by shooting them. Relaxing with beautiful scenes and creatures in the ocean. When you stop shooting, these fishes will create a wonders colorful wallpaper as an aquarium.

Guns System in Mermaid Joy: Fishing Diary
– There are 10 different type of weapons
– Each weapon have a different power and explosive
– When full energy you can active an extreme ultimate weapon to catch massive fishes
– These are two secret amazing weapons which will drop randomly when you shooting the fishes

Daily Gift
– Every day you open the game you can receive a reward
– You will receive a big reward in 5th day

Quest System
– There are ten kind of quest
– Kill a number of fish
– Collect number of gold in a limit time
– Shot a gun with number time
– Shot a specify fish

Fishes system
– Sweet Jellyfish: Like a hidden objects under water of lake
– Wild octopus: It just a newborn baby octopus
– Real Ray: With two wide oar it is plying in river
– Big Hungry Shark: Look very dangerous but it can’t attack you
– Ninja Turtle: swimming slowly
– Lovely Mermaid: She can’t talk or sing but she really a pretty girl no need any make up or dress up. Her hair style is cute like just care in spa salon.
– And there are many other little bass fishes waiting you

Multiply System
– If you want to win bigger you can modify the Multiply System
– This system let you multiply the gold from 1 to 30 time

Multi Player Mode:
– This is a special mode in Mermaid Joy: Fishing Diary.
– This mode allow two player vs at real time.
– You need choose a amount of gold to bet, the winner in PvP will get all

When out of gold you can buy more in store or wait a moment. You can call this is a casino game because lucky is the deciding factor in Mermaid Joy: Fishing Diary. If lucky you can kill many fish in a single shot as an ace superstars.
Combine between 3D virtual pet, 3D visual effect and diversity weapons will let you a lot of fun and happy time when play this evolution pro game
This game is match with everyone from kids to adult, man or women

– This game is not require user or password to play
– Your personal journey data will be saved in memories of this device it will lost if you change device.

Thank for playing Mermaid Joy: Fishing Diary