Download BabyFeed – Breastfeeding log for Android


FREE and SIMPLE tracker for nursing mothers.
Baby Feed is the mobile application for moms that need to track breast or bottle feeding, breast pumping, diaper changes and others easily.

This application allows moms to use the following useful features:
★ hint which breast your baby has been fed from last time
★ record time, duration, volume of feeding
★ record whether a changed diaper was wet or pooped
★ record baby weight before and after breast feeding, which allows application to calculate how much milk your baby drank up.
★ view the complete history of breast/bottle feeding, pumping and diaper changes
★ time period filter
★ action filter
★ summary statistics
★ night mode
★ both European and US units
★ export to CSV (semicolon)
★ Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Czech, Slovak, Polish and certainly English language.

Please don't leave a low rating without any comment. It is easy to contact us if you find something bad.
We will really like to hear from you even if you provide us with negative feed-back. Though we cannot promise that we improve the app exactly the way you wish, it will definitely help us to understand your needs and prioritize features for next development.

Yes, this application is free but supported by advertisements, so we can keep developing the application.
All permissions that the app requires are harmless and we do not collect or store any personal information.

Best wishes to you and your baby.