Download Perfect Ear 2 for Android


Perfect Ear 2 is the next step improvement above it's predecessor Perfect Ear Pro, an ear training application receiving high reviews from musicians – amateur and professional alike from around the globe.

Features more ways to customize your exercises including creating your own scales and chords, rhythm training exercises, wrapped up in a beautifully designed perfectly smooth application.

– Interval exercises
– Scale exercises
– Chord exercises
– Rhythm exercises
– Melodic Dictation
– Theory articles
– Scale Dictionary
– Absolute pitch training exercises: identify a note, sing a note
– Custom exercises, custom scales, custom chords

Each exercise can be performed on a piano or a guitar.

What are the permissions for?
– Internet – app needs to access internet in order to update exercises data. Updates are infrequent and have extremely small download size.
– Network state – application needs to check metered network availability in order to maximize efficiency of its battery consumption.