Download TouchWiz Style CM12 Theme for Android


1. Do you know what is it Cyanogen Mod 12 or CM12?
2. Do you know what is it bootloader, custom recovery, wipe?
3. Do you know how to boot your phone to bootloader/fastboot mode or recovery?
4. Do you have Android Lollipop on your phone?
5. Do you have section "Theme manager/Themes" in settings or "Theme manager" app in app drawer?
If one of the answer is "NO" don't install this theme, probably it won't work.

Why I don't see icon after installation?
Because it is theme for CyanogenMod rom, it doesn't show icon in app drawer, it isn't a bug or something.

I have Android 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4 or I even don't know what is it version of my phone, will theme be working?

How to run it?
Flash custom recovery for your phone (cwm, twrp or something else – btw if you don't know what it is, theme won't work), flash CyaongenMod Rom for your phone, install this app and set theme in Theme Manager.

OMG I can't open app!
Because this isn't normal app, it's a theme for CM12 theme manager, so you can't open it, only apply in themes.

I don't have themes/theme manager.
Because you don't have Cyanogen Mod 12.

Notice that I can set min version of Android to 5.0 but a lot of phones officialy have earlier version of Android but they can have CM12 as custom rom. So please don't install app and give 1 star if you don't know what this app exactly is.
If you have some bugs, some elements are on screenshot but not in your phone – it isn't theme bug, it is bug with CM Theme Chooser, so please don't write my why something doesn't work for you! Wipe your rom and apply theme again.

It is theme for CM12 styled on TouchWiz from Samsung's phones. Note it hasn't all apps and all elements just like on Samsung's phone, it's only stylized. Buy, install and have fun 🙂

Themed app:
– Browser
– Calculator
– Camera
– Contacts
– Dialer
– Gallery
– Settings
– Sound recorder
– System UI
– Cyanogen Music
– Cyanogen cLock
– Cyanogen Updater
– Cyanogen AudioFX
– Cyanogen Theme Chooser
– Opendelta

It includes:
– Alarm
– Icons
– Desktop and Lockscreen wallpaper
– Notification sound
– Ringtone

Usage: install app, apply theme in Cyanogen Theme Chooser, restart phone if you don't see all changes.

Attention – this app is only compatybile with Cyanogen Theme Chooser. It will work only on CM12 and other rom with theme chooser.