Download qtVlm for Android


qtVlm is a navigation software designed for virtual and real sailing boats. It's also a free weather grib viewer that accepts most of the existing grib formats (V1 or V2) and sources, such as GFS, COAMPS, WW3, PredictWind, and many more. Various kinds of data can be displayed, like wind, current, waves, rain, temperature, isobars, and many others.

qtVlm can be used simultaneously in two modes:`Whether you are a real sailor or not, it's the best way to learn weather routing science and techniques.

In real boat mode, qtVlm will show the boat's position and calculate the best course using route and routing modules. Many options are available, like multi-routing to find the best departure date-time according to various parameters, or taking in account segments with engine, etc.

Geo-referenced marine maps (kap files) can be loaded, and weather faxes can be displayed over the map.

Several grib files can be loaded at the same time, in order to be able to route using various parameters (winds, currents and waves).

Route and Routing modules, including also anchor alarm, are available through in-app yearly subscription.

qtVlm is also available freely on PCs (windows, mac/os, linux).