Download Breaking News & Weather for Android


With Breaking News and weather, you can follow all the latest articles from the world press with the majority of the big daily or weekly newspapers.
Headline news, top and recent news.
In the form of a simple and refined presentation, this application will allow you to set the order and display of the newspapers and magazine.
Thanks to the RSS feeds, this application downloads the latest articles with photos and descriptions of the article. The user can therefore click on the article to access the entire article on the website in question.
In the menu, it’s completely possible to change the country of origin of the incoming information with a choice of 15 countries at the moment
In addition, the user can create their information stream according to their own tastes with the following categories: Sports, News, Art, World News, Politics, and Technology.
An innovative widget allows you to display the most recent articles, the weather of the biggest cities in the country, and the stocks in your country. The entire banner is completely adjustable.
Furthermore, you can find this banner in the form of an external widget on your phone.
The display of adverts allows the application to be profitable and to improve it with every update.
newspapers reported with RSS Feed.

We also have selected the best weekly magazines and online free news. You can read these weekly news magazines every day at anytime. A lot of articles and archives are included. You can read local newspaper too.

For United States (RSS Feed)
NY Times
L.A Times
NY Post
My Daily News
Sky News
The Guardian
USA Today
Denver Post
ABC News
The dallas morning news
NBC Miami
NBC4 Washington
Houston Chronicle
Star Tribune
NBC Southern California
San Francisco Chronicle
Daily News
The Wall Street Journal
Chicago Tribune

Canada (english , FR) (RSS Feed)
Toronto Star
Vancouver Sun
Calgary Herald
Edmonton Sun
The Province
Globe and Mail
Journal de Montréal
La Presse
Montreal Gazette
Toronto Sun
Ottawa Citizen
Calgary Sun

For United Kingdom (RSS Feed)
The Daily Telegraph
The Independant
The Daily Express
The Daily Mail
Sky News
The Daily Star
Huffington Post
Daily Mirror
The Times
Financial Times
The Herald

For Australia (RSS Feed)
Daily Telegrah
The Australian
The Advertiser
The Conversation
Herald Sun
The Cairns Post
Fox Sports
The Mercury
ABC News
The couriel Mail
Camberra Times
NY Times
NY Post
My Daily News