Download Fractions Lite for Android


Fractions by Infinut brings visual and interactive conceptual learning of fractions using games. 60 interactive exercises in Fractions Lite (300 interactive exercises in the Full version) teach fundamental fractions concepts. The topics in the lite version are Denominator, Numerator and Unequal Parts. The topics in the full version include mixed fractions, improper fractions, adding and subtracting fractions, equivalent fractions, multiplying and dividing fractions with whole numbers. The games simulate sharing, cooking, coloring, feeding, weighing and measuring fractional amounts.

Fractions by Infinut contains 15 different learning games to teach fractional concepts by playing games such as –
* Compare fractions to play the wheel most likely to win.
* Feed the monkey fractions of pies.
* Measure the length using a fractions based tape measure.
* Set the oven timer using fractions of the whole.
* Hang clothes on the number line to the match the fractions.
* Measure fractional amounts of flour for a recipe
* Measure fractional amounts of sugar for a recipe
* Add fractional amounts of Milk and Oil for a recipe
* Share chocolate between kids to understand fractions.
* Share parts of Sugar-canes among elephants.
* Decorate fraction of tray of cupcakes.
* Determine which fractional weight is mis-labeled using a weighing scale.
* Color parts of circles, rectangles and polygons using fractions.
* Split a shape into parts to show fractional amounts.
* Match the fraction to its visual representation.

Explanations are provided for each topic, followed by the interactive games. The explanations can be replayed anytime from the launch screen using the hint button for that topic.
The fraction topics in Fractions Lite by Infinut are –
* Denominator and splitting whole into equal parts.
* Numerator of a fraction
* Unequal Parts – common confusion with fraction.

The remaining topics are covered only in the Full version of Fractions by Infinut –
* Add Fractions with the same Denominator.
* Subtract Fractions with the same Denominator.
* Improper Fractions.
* Mixed Fractions.
* Add Improper Fractions with the same Denominator.
* Subtract Improper Fractions with the same Denominator.
* Equivalent Fractions
* Equalize one of the fractions to Add.
* Equalize one of the fractions to Subtract.
* Multiply a whole number with a fraction with one as the numerator.
* Multiply a fraction with a whole number.
* Divide a fraction with a whole number.

Report card shows the percentage of exercises completed with no mistakes for each topic. It helps parents understand if their child is able to solve the problems and where they need help.