Download Angoria – match3 RPG for Android


Angoria that was once thriving is now plunged into chaos and anarchy. Its fate is now in you hands. Defeat your enemy usurpers and unite the people in this exciting game with match-3 battle. You will have to defeat your enemies in may battles with match-3 puzzles, hire and train your own army.

• Unite the land Angoria
• Train own invincible army
• 30 unique warriors and 5 classes
• 7 different lands in an exciting storyline
• Use magic to defeat the enemy and save the nations
• Train your army and become the best in the ranking among other players
• Invite your friends and fight the evil together

Collect only best warriors. Each nation has warriors of five classes (warrior, mage, shooter, saboter and assassin), which depend on the ability of the elements, which they control (paladin, swordsman, witch, sorceress, alchemist, druid, archer, hunter, forester, and others).

You have to win the unique rivals in 7 different lands: Elemental, Euroboros, the Golem, the Prophet, Ultramech and others.

~The Story~

Once Angoria lived in peace and unity. It was ruled by the Seven Elders from different nations. Every nation controls its own element (fire, water, wind, mountains, lightning and forest), and together they complement each other.

One day Metromechs came in to the world of Angoria. They went along with his continent from the depths of the ocean from the icy abyss of pain, horror and death. They were strangers to beauty ideals in the world Angoria. Metromechs wanted to subjugate peoples and establish their order. Using spies and saboteurs, they quarreled among the Elders. Angoria disintegrated. Metromechs using the strife between nations, constantly penetrated their territory and seized the land of the weakened nations.

The fate of Angoria now depends on you! Plunge into the world of incredible adventures now.