Download Airport Flight Staff Simulator for Android

Commercial aircrafts flight are arriving on city airport, fulfill duty of ground staff driver. Drive stair car to on board passengers or oil tanker to refuel Boeing airplane and much more in new 3D adventure game Airport Flight Staff Simulator from android store.

Airport Flight Staff Simulator Game 2015 Features:

✔ Various type of heavy trucks models and vehicles for airport flight assistance in 3D sim
✔ Difficult challenging 10 missions to give ground support facilities to aircrafts flying pilots
✔ Smooth touch and drag controls with real auto physics
✔ Multiple RPG style gaming experience with awesome thrill and vivid animations
✔ Hours of gameplay with multiple challenges in real 3D environment
✔ High definition vivid eye capturing graphics to enhance your gaming passion

New airport built in the city, hundreds of airplane flights are flying in the sky. Get ready to assist them all with Airport Flight Staff Simulator 3D game. You had played regular parking and street racing games, now experience something difficult and new like never before. Drive pushback truck tow passenger Boeing aero plane from hangar to the runway asphalt airstrip. Help pilot flight crew for safely takeoff from runway and drive follow me car to assist cocpit pilots for safe landing on landing asphalt airstrip. Drive staircase car to off board passengers from Boeing aeroplane and private jet. Feel bored of ordinary truck driving simulator and parking sim games then try this adventure aviation base game with multiple gameplay. Help cockpit pilots to land and takeoff flight safely from the runway.

As driver master show driving skills on five type of advanced airport vehicles, pushback towing vehicle, passengers bus, follow me car, gasoline fuel tanker, emergency fire truck and staircase. This is not some driver parking sim game where you just park automobile from one destination to next. This game offers you thrill and exciting gameplay with challenging environment. Show some perfect driving skills with handling huge cargo planes safley. Don’t crash or smash airport staff vehicles in any expensive aviation equipment on the hanger parked helicopter and jets. Download free this amazing 3D simulation game and drive pushback car, with follow me, stair car, fire truck and oil tanker to fulfill airport ground support duties. Help passenger to reach their destination safely in commercial flight for 2015.