Download Brain Blaster Trivia Quiz for Android

Answer trivia questions from many different categories including music, film, animals, sports, world countries, cities, flora, fauna and many others. This game is similar to Who becomes rich and Who wants to be a millionaire or any other pub quiz game. Guess among three possible answers or use help options. Check who knows more you or your friends. Put your brain and your knowledge to the real test.

Play Brain Blaster solo or with your friends. Compare your scores with with the world using integrated global score boards.

* New Daily Quiz mode: each day a new quiz is generated and it is the same for everybody in the world. Compare your Daily Quiz score with others!

Game modes for single player:
* Best of 21
* Time based high-score mode

Game modes for two players:
* Fast fingers
* Alternate game mode

Be a master of Brain Blaster!

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