Download Clock And Weather Widget for Android

❋ Clock And Weather Widget ❋ is a brand new widget for your screen. All of us like to customize our phone screen and decorate it according to our own taste or style. All you need is a simple, attractive time-related screen widget! Then you should download “Clock And Weather Widget” beautiful weather widget for your Android™ home screen.
10 digital clocks that show the weather forecast, 5 unlocked and 5 locked.
Every day new clock is available.
Put wonderful clock and weather widget on your home screen.
Top widgets of different sizes and shapes.
Easy to use for adults and children.
Add widgets to beautify your screen.

Free “widgets for Android™” phones are waiting for you. This is the best widget that shows you the accurate weather and time. If you want to quickly beautify your home screen you should display a clock on your screen. With fancy “digital clock widget” your phone will look better than ever. You can now have cool digital clock that shows the weather conditions! You will know weather for today without watching the weather channel.
❋ Clock And Weather Widget ❋ is not just a clock it’s a clock that shows the weather forecast. It is very useful app and also great decoration for home screen. The widget will display snowflake if it’s snowing, raindrops if it’s raining, clouds if it’s cloudy or sun if it’s sunny.
Brand new clock widget will make your screen classy and elegant.  It provides multiple high-quality skins that bring a modern and stylish look to your screen. You will love the weather and clock widget on your home screen! It will stay on the screen showing the correct time and the current weather. You just have to choose the location and you will know the local weather and the world weather.
This widget is designed to help you customize your phone with beautiful and outrages clocks of different sizes and shapes. Just select your favorite clock design and get an awesome screen look for your new Samsung Galaxy phone. With unique design it will fit to any screen. This awesome “clock widget” shows you the actual time and accurate weather.
You can get forecast, various units and really beautiful, eye pleasing weather status that instantly seeks your attention. You will see the weather temperature in Celsius or in Fahrenheit. Now you will know whether to bring umbrella or sunglasses. Perfect clock and “weather widget” is a click away from you.
In addition, you’ll get additional data, animated sunrise and sunsets, and humidity, pressure and wind speed, which is quite accurate. Find out what the weather actually feels like outside. ❋ Clock And Weather Widget ❋ is completely free. If you want to rely on a clock to give you the right time and accurate weather, then you will enjoy this widget. There are many sizes and kinds of widgets for your home screen. The display is very simple, minimalistic, and informative. Cool and practical widgets that should find home on your home screen. You can change the color, font, and transparency of both time and date, and also change the background of the widget. A set of different clock styles for your home screen is waiting for you.
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