Download Goddess of Gem Shooter for Android

“Goddess of Gem Shooter” is a puzzle RPG with classic bubble shooter gameplay. In “Goddess of Gem Shooter”, you will meet more than 300 cute or sexy Goddesses with original Japanese artwork style, and read the solemn and stirring story about an ancient war between Zeus and Chronos!

Don’t let candy crush you anymore, try “Goddess of Gem Shooter” now!

The story background of “Goddess of Gem Shooter” is adapted from popular Greek fairy tale, which is an epic about an ancient war between Gods and Goddesses. Get ready to face the wrath of Zeus and Chronos!

★ Simple! ★
Aim, touch, and fire the bubble! It’s impossible to be easier!

★ Intuitive! ★
Find the bubbles of same color as those on your hand, and you know what to do next.

★ FUN! ★
It could be the most addictive game that you’ve ever played. Try it and you’ll know why.