Download Guess The Color! for Android

★ Guess The Color! ★

Look at icon and guess the color!
“Guess The Color” game is surprisingly simple and very addictive. Simply you must guess the colors, that’s common for the icons that you see.
Check if you can remember the colors of the most popular icons of all time! Challenge your memory and observation skills with one of the top trending icon quiz games! Throughout the game you’ll be presented with a bunch of different level packs, each containing pictures of various interesting topics.

Test your memory!

If you like scrabble or even crosswords and word games, you’ll enjoy this fantastic brain teaser.

★ it’s free!
★ 100 levels!
★ super simple, surprisingly addictive and quick quiz game for the whole family.
★ fun pics
★ for every icon in the quiz, there are 1 hint that help you
★ frequent application updates!
★ no registration, no complicated rules.

More levels coming soon!

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