Download Logo Quiz PRO – Flags for Android

This is a fun and simple quiz about national logo flags of countries all over the world. How well do you know your world flags?

We know that there are a lot of different flags around the world, we can see them on news, at important events… everywhere! But, how many of them can you recognize?

Test your knowledge while having fun. Learn new flags as you go along with whole range of questions about the most famous and some not-so-famous logo flags.

Impress your friends with your broad knowledge about national flags.

Logo quiz flags offers one of the fastest free learning tools for national flags all across the world
A great logo quiz app for kids to improve their school grades in geography!

Gain score, unlock levels and improve your knowledge about national flags fast with this great and simple concept quiz game – a true trivia quiz.
Easy to play and made for all resolutions, our logo quiz brings gameplay to all devices and screen sizes, and for all ages as well!

Develop and improve memory skills, raise your IQ, connect country names with their representative logos – their country flags.

Logo quiz flags gives it all for free!

Answer the quiz pictures with A,B,C or D options and unlock new levels – the higher the level, the harder the questions!

More flag questions coming soon…
Check for updates!