Download Lux Meter for Android

Lux meter is the new Android mobile based application available for free in the play store as a tool of great use. This app when installed, can be used widely to measure the illuminances like fc and lux. This is done by the application through the mobile’s light sensors. This app uses the best of your mobile and lets one to measure the Lux or fc and the related.

This Android based Lux meter application is designed just to provide the visual comfort for the user. Measuring light and its effectiveness through a brief analysis of the daylight just by an android app is something amusing. Though there are various other applications, Lux meter steals the show with the amazing use of it.

If you own a company, this app would be the ideal choice. Just download Lux meter Android application and check the ideal light meter feasible in your work space. This app would ideally guide in the best manner to drive you towards the better workplace environment for your employees. It helps in displaying the calibration factor preferences, which are accurate and would be the ideal choice for any user.

How to use the application:

Given the use of this application, the way to use Lux meter is pretty simple as well. All you have to do, is to connect to your play store right away and download with a quick search for it. This app has a simple layout, promising the best use of it. Select the place in which you would like to check the illuminance. Just select the one you would like to check, this app also supports with the minimum and maximum value as well.

The yellow background of the application represents the illuminance by itself, the value is given in bold, followed by the maximum value of illuminance, minimum value and also, the one you saved for easy access. This Lux meter would give you the exact values of all the above instantly.
Use the calibration meter, which gives the before and after along with the multiplier value. Adjust the light sources and get the value instantly. Reset the value as and when required.

Features & advantages:

• This app is absolutely free, just connect to the play store and start downloading
• It is bug free
• It has an inbuilt calibration multiplier
• Supports Lux extensively
• Supports foot candles
• The UI is very friendly
• Consumes less storage
• It requires Android 2.1+
• Measure differs according to the device
• Use it across the spectrum
• Good range is promising enough
• Easy navigation
• Testing across bike and car lights are made easy
• Records values easily
• Doesn’t consume much data

There are umpteen unused application in our mobile, this app will never fall under the list of it. Install and get great use out of it. Illuminance is a key these days, make best use of it and shine. Measure wherever and whenever required, stay enlightened with the illumination measure for life time.