Download Nuclear Zones for Android

Game is in Beta!

After the great nuclear war in america, the world is not the same as it was before. Radiation is everywhere and you always can’t get enough loot. You have survived and have to face the new dangerous world.

– Crafting System (Build yourself a whole fortress)
– Companion (A little drone called “Ray” will follow you everywhere and protect you. He even has a built-in radio!)
– Loot (Every house can be entered)
– Dynamic day-night-rythm
– Radiation (In some zones you will get contaminated and need to find Antirads)
– Vehicles
– Ressource gathering (Chop down tress or get some stone)
– Destroyed World (If you like Wastelands)
– Weapons, of course.
– Fishing
– Savefunction
– No ads or ingame currency!


Known Issues:
– Unfortunately, there’s currently no save-feature. I’m still working on it.
– On some devices, you may have performance issues. (Try to reboot your phone)