Download Ocean Craft Multiplayer Free for Android

Craft, underwater!
Battle, befriend and build with Ocean Craft Multiplayer!
Choose from lots of sea creatures, go exploring underwater and online with many players from around the world!
Customise, name, survive, craft, rank up and explore with your ocean pet !
Many maps, including, Marine, Atlantis, Fish Bowl, Castle and Gamers Tribute Map!
Decorate your Clown fish, Piranha, Manta Rays, Turtles, Sea horses, Dolphin, Seal or Sharks colours, trail patterns and perks!
Role play and chat online with others as their own sea animals, become friends or battle against them for shiny experience coins, or team up and take down enemy sharks and piranha!
Cross Platform, 3D environment, colourful, PVP, boss battles and all Online!

Full version also available on the store!

Full version differences:
No adverts
Two more maps and map options
Extra Dolphin, Shark and Seal characters
Chat input limit increased
Secondary bonus perk option
Helps support servers and the developer

Version 1.2 (simplified)
– Some objects easier to pickup
– Better Camera views
– Objects automatically fix themselves if glitched
– Improved pickup, drop, crafting code
– Object counter in pause menu shows only pickups now
– Less chance of objects glitching
– Updated chat help? commands
– More craft items in maps due to improved code throughout
– Increased chance of gaining exp coins from crafting
– Offline message added, and can now play with no internet
– Mine coding improved
– Player count on Developer servers fixed
– Server check added, incase server changes or goes down