Download Quiz: Capitals of the world for Android

Do you know the capital of Brazil or Sweden? What do you already know and where your gaps are, shows you this quiz. With this free quiz you can learn playfully the capitals of all countries in the world. You have the option to test your knowledge for each continent or you play the mixed countries.

How to play:
– Game Mode: America, Europe, Asia, Africa, All countries.
– All countries: divided into 8 levels. In each level they are 25 questions.
– For each question, 4 possible answers are provided.
– By incorrect answer you get 3 seconds penalty.

Additional Functions
– Registration of personal time in the leaderboard.
– Publishing your best time (in milliseconds) to Swarm (Leaderboard).
– In the game mode “All countries” you can publish the average best time (in milliseconds) of all levels.
– Vibration (ON/OFF) for each wrong answer.
– Sound (ON/OFF)
– Time (ON/OFF)